Vitalic Nutrition is the product of Louise and Louis’s life interest in becoming healthy, fulfilled individuals with a goal of fulfilling life’s potential by helping others to become healthier, more intuitive and self-satisfied.

Their aim is to create a better world for all of us, one person at a time!

They met at a talk Louise was giving about raising consciousness, reconnective healing and the future of mankind. They clicked instantly and went on to exchange therapies. Louis managed to help eradicate Louise’s persistent migraines and sleep issues with Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy which she felt most grateful for. She instantly felt and understood the healing power of natural nutrition and was hooked, leading her to experiment with all kinds of juices and smoothies and wonderful raw and wholefood recipes. Louis went on to receive Reconnective Healing from Louise which helped him to enter a state of great healing. It helped to calm and purify his nervous system, and gave him a welcome addition to his meditation, yoga and taichi practices, allowing him to reach a more profound balanced and healthy mind/body state.

The ‘two Lous’ aim is to achieve health, fulfilment and balance in mind, body and spirit by using the principles they have tried and tested, and create a better world to live in by helping others to do the same. Vitalic nutrition is based on three principles that work towards building a healthy, happy and vitalised individual……………………

The ‘Three Vitalic Principles’


Upcoming Retreats

Well-being Retreat

Join us in the Italian Alps to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Enjoy organic, nutrient dense and life energy filled foods, take part in vitality enhancing activities and learn about ways to increase your longevity and well-being the Vitalic Nutrition way! 12th – 16th September, 2015 *BOOK NOW!*

*Vitalic Nutrition, including all its employees, accepts no responsibility for psychological, spiritual, physical or
metaphysical effects, considered either negative or positive, to individuals who undergo any of our treatments or take part
in our retreats.*

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