We carefully design a variety of retreats from ‘Well-Being‘ to ‘Detox‘ each located in carefully chosen spaces of natural beauty and energy.

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Well-being Retreat

  Join us in the Italian Alps to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Enjoy organic, nutrient dense and life energy filled foods, take part in vitality enhancing activities and learn about ways to increase your longevity and well-being the Vitalic Nutrition way! 12th – 16th September, 2014 *BOOK NOW!*

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here is what people are saying about Vitalic Nutrition

Above expectations!

I knew Louise for some time via the internet and that’s why I saw the Facebook page of Vitalic Nutrition. For some years I have changed a lot and that’s why I want to change a lot of things in my life. Living a healthy life is important part of changes and of course eating the right food is big part of living a healthy life. Also doing healthy exercises like yoga is something I like doing lately.

It felt like a four day long meditation, because we were all relaxed and because we were together as a group of like-minded people.

Louis and Louise told us they didn’t just want to give us a perfect retreat and after the retreat we would fall back into the same patterns, but they wanted us to teach us things and to integrate those things in our daily lives. I have learned a lot to change things for the better in my life.

I also had a Reconnective Healing from Louise and I had never experienced one before. She is very good at it and it also made me feel very relaxed.

I think more and more people in the world are a bit tired of the old way of living in the chaotic world and so the retreat is a good way to experience a different way of living.

In the end it’s all about being who we really are and ‘reaching’ something we were born with: Our Natural State! Martijn, The Netherlands

I feel so much charged with all the lovely food in this beautiful surrounding. You did really pamper us all and we go home now with much vitality and force! Thanks Louise and Louis : ) Henriette, Germany

Having been so energetically blocked, like being in an energy ice age, I now feel like I’m thawing out having had the reconnective healing. Projects and plans previously on ice are starting to move. My energies have shifted and the insight as to what purpose I have is becoming clear, like a light bulb has been switched on. I feel optimistic and now have a goal and the drive to see that goal forward. You’ve thawed out the ice man! Thank you! :)Mark, UK

I came to see Louis for a Naturopathic Nutritional consultation suffering with insomnia, hot flashes, low energy levels, sweet cravings, muscle soreness, back pain, bloating, constipation and pins and needles in my hands, my biggest problems were insomnia and lower back pain which was worse at night. After my first visit with Louis my symptoms really improved due to his treatment plan and his advice on some lifestyle changes and after my second visit I really couldn’t believe the difference his treatment plan has made to my life. All of my symptoms have improved and my back pain has completely gone! My sleeping has improved so much that I even sleep through the whole night without waking at all, and I haven’t done this in years! I really would recommend Louis to anyone who’s health and well being is important to them. I feel happier, healthier, more relaxed and have so much more energy. I’m also enjoying this new healthier way of life. I found Louis very easy to talk to and very inspiring in his knowledge of nutrition and healthy living. Mellissa Holme, Isle of Wight, UK

Reconnective therapy with Louise felt relaxing and took me to another energy level immediately. I felt energised, refreshed and relaxed all at the same time. After just two sessions my new life path was laid out for me to accept and I would recommend it to anyone who seeks the simplest, highest form of spiritual healing. Sue, UK

I have requested your email address from Louis to express my gratitude about him and the service he has provided me with.

For months perhaps even years I have been suffering with various symptoms that have made me very poorly. Despite visiting the doctor numerous times I was told it’s IBS due to stress, calm down and it will get better.

I got fed up with constantly being fobbed off and sought expert advice in the field of food intolerances.

After getting tested (it turns out gluten, dairy and wheat are the enemy) I was passed on to Louis.

I must admit, I was incredibly sceptical, and thought it would be a scam to sell me as many supplements as humanly possible. I also didn’t believe this could change how horrendously I had been feeling every day!

Louis was incredible, he really knew his stuff and although a lot of it went over my head, he was thorough enough to go through the really important parts in small chunks so I could understand my ‘condition’ further.

He offered me amazing advice and supplements to support my health and digestive system- again I was very sceptical. I felt that he not only recommended products to me to ‘jump through a hoop’ but also took a genuine interest in me and listened to what I had to say and my queries.

After 4weeks I visited for the equivalent of a check up and I think we both were a little amazed at just how different I felt- I’m less stressed, rarely have the pains and illnesses I was so accustomed to. I’ve lost weight, I now sleep, I don’t nap- I have energy AND I am happy to get up in the morning before my alarm!

These changes in me and my lifestyle would not have happened without the help and support of Louis and I really wanted someone to know what a great job he is doing and I hope many more people see him so their lives can be changed for the better like mine has!

Thanks for your time,

Kind regards,

Miss Michelle Papworth, Peterborough.

I decided to approach Louis Soteriou for nutritional advice and guidance, as I was experiencing low energy, dependence on sugar and caffeine in addition to stomach pains and bloating. During my consultations I was not only provided with a diagnosis that underlined reasons for the above symptoms, but also offered a diet plan and recommended supplements and vitamins to improve my health and well being. I came to realise that due to my diet lacking in particular vitamins and minerals, I was over compensating for the consequent low energy experienced, through a diet high in sugar and caffeine. I was advised to eat more complex carbohydrates, particularly nuts, seeds and fish to provide me with nutrition and energy that my diet was currently lacking. In order to tackle my sweet tooth I was recommended to increase my intake of fruit and the use of cinnamon and liccorice teas to replace my heavy reliance of diet coke and coffee. In addition to this I had experienced a number of throat infections, resulting in the use of antibiotics, which was flagged up as potentially causing the stomach pains and bloating described earlier. Following the nutritional and supplement plan provided by Louis has helped greatly in my above symptoms. I no longer experience the stomach pains and bloating I have done previously. I have also reduced my caffeine and diet coke intake substantially, I no longer buy diet coke for home consumption and tend to drink it as an occasional treat. I continue to use the blended seed mix recommended of pumpkins, linseed and sesame in meals and eat oily fish and darker green vegetables as per the plan, which I feel gives me more energy and less sugar highs and lows than before the nutritional plan. I would defiantly recommend these sessions, as it not only highlights your good and bad eating habits, your health history affecting your eating habits and possible nutritional deficiencies, but also provides detailed plans and options to rectify these imbalances and improve your health. Catherine Trenchfield (Lecturer and PhD Student, London)

The Reconnective healing experience is difficult to put into words and concrete thoughts, and I think it is still working through my mind and heart. Louise put me at ease with her calm and happy demeanour, and her simple explanation of the process was understandable to anyone, including those completely new to the world of energy healing (like me!) I felt a definite physical reaction to the energy flow that she opened up, and immediately after there was a beautiful sense of peace that I rarely feel in the mad rush of day-to-day life that doesn’t let me slow down and notice how I’m aligned with the things around me. I know this was not a magical healing experience that guarantees effortless transformation since it needs me to be open to the role of energy in my life, and to be willing and ready to change. Ah! Here comes the hard part: not only realizing what isn’t working in my life with Louise’s help, but actually doing something about it. Some days are good and some not quite as successful as I’d like, but no doubt the experience opened me up to the potential that I know I’m able to reach, and that I just need the concentration and determination to actually achieve…..I just wanted to thank you for your positive influence over me personally. I don’t know if you feel the difference one person’s happy thoughts can make, but i think it’s HUGE! Andrea, Canada

Upcoming Retreats

Well-being Retreat

Join us in the Italian Alps to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Enjoy organic, nutrient dense and life energy filled foods, take part in vitality enhancing activities and learn about ways to increase your longevity and well-being the Vitalic Nutrition way! 12th – 16th September, 2014 *BOOK NOW!*

*Vitalic Nutrition, including all its employees, accepts no responsibility for psychological, spiritual, physical or
metaphysical effects, considered either negative or positive, to individuals who undergo any of our treatments or take part
in our retreats.*

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