Principle 1 ~ Right Food

The principle of right food refers to appropriate eating habits, nutrition, energetic food states and food for healing.

Appropriate Eating Habits:

Good food, in the right amount and at the appropriate time, builds the body, helps to rid it of toxins and gives it all the tools it needs to function at its optimum level. What would we be like if we ate the most perfect food in relation to our individual make-up? Are we a part of nature or are we separate from it? The right food for the right individual goes a long way in helping them to firstly heal, and then go on to realise their potential as a healthy human being!


The food we eat affects our body’s health in a variety of ways, including how it burns fat, builds muscle, assimilates nutrients and detoxifies. Food also alters the strength and efficiency of the immune system, and not only slows down or increases ageing but also affects our level of wellbeing and our state of mind. In addition to this our diet can alter our learning capacity, concentration and energy levels.

Energetic Food States:

The subtle energetic state of our food also has an effect on the subtle energetic state of our body. Is it alive? Is it organic and therefore full of minerals? Is it tinned, dead or old? Does it aggravate or subjugate our mental storms? Does it help to give us peace and strength of mind and spirit?

Food For Healing:

Food can be considered medicine and by addressing specific organs and hormonal systems, we can balance emotions and at times even cure diseases naturally. If a person is experiencing strong imbalances of one kind or another, they may benefit greatly from additional nutritional supplementation and cleansing protocols. These techniques may help to bring their constitution back into a state of balance and strength; one they may never have experienced before. [/one-fourth]

Principle 2 ~ Right Activity

The principle of right activity refers to physical movement, meditation and daily life.

Physical Movement:

Exercise is just as important as food in the realm of health and in avoiding disease. Yoga asana, Hunyuan Taiji and Qi Gong are some of the most effective means of exercise when pursuing vitality, long life, fitness, strength, flexibility, youth and wellbeing. Yoga asana and breathing help to strengthen core muscles, increase flexibility, purify inner energy channels, strengthen/cleanse organs and move the lymph. The mixture of smooth flow with alternating stillness and movement help to bring about a tranquil and energised state of mind and awareness. Hunyuan taiji is based on the natural movements of nature, such as the power which makes the stars and planets move. It builds an unusual inner power and strength that is not muscular, and brings about an incredible strength of mind and spirit. It is based on circles and relaxation. Movement occurs by moving energy around the body by tranquil and focused mind intention rather than muscular force. This has many physiological and psychological benefits. The body is relaxed and so blood flows more easily, transporting nutrients and waste in and out of body cells. With this kind of physical movement, the body is not stressed. It takes very little physical effort to practice as relaxation is the key and so it is very enjoyable right from the start and should never feel like a chore.


This is usually done in the last phase of the activities mentioned above. The body and mind are brought to a state of stillness and relaxation, allowing us to settle into our true nature which is awesome to behold, while at the same time very ordinary. Many say that this feels like going home. We settle into our source, where life and energy come from and because our awareness is settled here, our energy does not become dissipated into thought trains and so it builds and builds which results in a feeling of bliss, love and wellbeing. We start to realise who we are, what we want and what we can do. From this state it is possible to change our habitual beliefs and thought patterns from their very root. We can then become the masters and creators of our own lives. We can choose the way we react to incoming thought patterns and external stimuli. We settle into our very core which lies beyond our worries and stresses and the pressure of life gradually releases. It is up to us at this point, we can choose consciously.

Daily Life:

Human beings are creatures of habit. We create routines and all too often get stuck in them. This can have a damaging effect on our health, other people and also the planet we call home. Having a healthy routine starts with becoming consciously aware of our actions. How much time a day do we waste? How much time do we spend doing things we love? When we become conscious of the habits and patterns we are creating in our daily lives, we start to realise that the life that we’ve always dreamed of living doesn’t have to be just a dream. There is a way out of the rat-race. When we develop focus and inner strength by combining the Vitalic Nutrition Principles, we also develop the ability to consciously create our ideal life. We stop allowing life to just happen to us and take control of our lives. That includes healthy relationships, a dream job and anything else that is desired.

Principle 3 ~ Right Mind

The principle of right mind refers to coping with stress, habitual thought patterns, conscious choices and healthy energy fields

Coping With Stress:

Life will always throw challenges at us but regular practice of the Vitalic Nutrition Principles puts us in a much better position to deal with these trials. We become strong in our body, mind and spirit and nature supports us in moving towards fulfilling our potential. Daily practice of the principles brings about a strong self-confidence in our innate worth and power and our minds become relaxed, focused and satisfied. We hanker less after things and instead feel contented in ourselves because we are discovering the treasure that lies within, and by just ‘being’ we start to feel completed. Everyday our minds gain more satisfaction and in turn gain more peace.

Habitual Thought Patterns:

The way we think determines our actions and behaviour. We are all susceptible to mental programming and habitual thought patterns and this is what usually stops us from becoming the person we are destined to be. Using the above methods, our programming is gradually reduced and instead the original natural program begins to manifest as our nervous systems purify. This purifying process is not always comfortable. Deep stresses will untie and make their way out of our physiology and as they leave, we may feel some physical discomfort, but this is temporary and will leave us feeling better than before.
Nature never gives us more than we can handle!

Conscious Choices:

When we shift from the stance of being a victim to whatever life throws at us, we become empowered to make conscious choices. We realise that we are the makers of our own destiny. We take responsibility for the life we have created and instead of complaining about it we have the strength and wisdom to create positive change. This change can be on a personal level, a planetary level and even on a universal level. Once we learn how to tap into the infinite energetic life intelligence, we experience a shift in our consciousness. For most people this shift is life-changing, and while it brings new challenges, it is unwaveringly a beautiful experience, often likened to that of a caterpillar emerging from the cocoon and transforming into a butterfly.

Healthy Energy Fields:

Our body is not just made up of the parts we can see. It is so much more than that. There are trillions of cells constantly at work inside of us to ensure that our bodily systems are functioning correctly. In addition to that we have a subtle energy body made up of chakras (centres of life force), meridian lines (energy lines which pass through meridian points) and an aura (electro-magnetic energy field surrounding the body). Some people are able to see these things with the naked eye and many can feel them, but we now also have technology, such as kirlian photography which allows us to study this type of energy. When we have strong emotions and negative experiences our energy can get damaged and weakened and this affects our health on many levels. Techniques such as Reiki and Reconnective Healing work to heal damage within the body’s energetic fields and strengthen the energy, which in turn affects every aspect of a person’s life including social, psychological, physical and mental states.

Following the Vitalic Nutrition Principles of Right Food, Right Activity and Right Mind brings our body back to its natural state of health, enabling us to do all the things we want to do and allowing us to live a more balanced and happy life.

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