Elderberry vs Flu!

Health benefits checklist:

  • Fights flu virus

  • Helps vision

  • Improves eczema and asthma

  • Reduces ageing of cells

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Fights infections such as colds, herpes and other bacterial and viral infections

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Immune system booster


I consider elderberry syrup to be one of the health panaceas. It is the first supplement I turn to if I feel I am coming down with a cold, flu or any other type of viral infection. It works by attaching itself to the flu virus and stops it from replicating in the body and has been shown to deactivate 8 strains of flu virus and hasten recovery time.

Elderberry is a powerful immune modulator, increasing and decreasing inflammation appropriately to help deal with infection or inflammatory disorders.

It also works great against seasonal coughs and excess mucous production due to it’s respiratory supportive action and helps soothe the throat by coating the mucous membranes.

Anthocyanins are high in Elderberries and these have been shown in studies to reduce ageing, improve cardiovascular health, improve neuronal and cognitive brain function, maintain DNA integrity and kill bacteria that can cause stomach disorders such as ulcers, amazing!

They also contain lignans which have been shown to improve prostate health, help hair growth and reduce menopausal symptoms due to it’s weak estrogenic activity.

I have had great success using it with my clients and it actually healed a 10 month old baby’s eczema via breast milk after I recommended it to the mother to take. Many mothers come into our shop and swear by elderberry in stopping their children getting colds in the winter season.

I will post my ultimate winter drink to help you in the event of colds/flu/tonsillitis very soon!