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We are passionate about living human life to its full potential and continuously research and look to uncover knowledge to give both us and you the greatest chance of health, a vibrant life and a vital body, spirit and mind.

We are constantly exploring the area of nutrition and metaphysics to give us increasing access to source energy which has become blocked and filtered through unhealthy lifestyles, food, stimulus and thinking.

The more we can remove these filters, the greater our ability to perceive our innate source of power, knowledge and life-energy, our very being ~ which is infinite bliss.

Wellbeing Retreat

 Join us in the Italian Alps

To experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet, enjoy organic nutritional foods, take part in vitality enhancing activities and learn about ways to increase your longevity and well-being!

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Choose your accommodation and book your place on the retreat now. Rooms are available for 1,2,3 or 4 people and each room offers complete comfort including jacuzzi, with the larger rooms boasting additional cromotherapy.


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Vitalic Nutrition offers a range of carefully designed services which aim to maximise health and well-being. Our philosophy is based on the 3 principles of right food, right activity and right mind, which all our services support.


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