How to Develop Taste Tolerance to Superfood Smoothies

Some people I know look at my smoothies in disgust and ask how I can drink them!!

I have refined my daily breakfast smoothie over many years, 8 actually and it is constantly evolving and changing with the seasons.
I incorporate the most nutritious and vitality boosting ingredients I know about at this time in my life, but it has taken years to build up the knowledge and to acquire the taste. It takes a long time to adapt your taste buds to allow you to enjoy healthier and more life enhancing foods and this should be done gradually and over time.

A smoothie should incorporate or deliver 4 things:

1. The right texture: Using ingredients such as Chia or Flaxseed help to bind the ingredients together and provide better texture and taste. They also provide ample amounts of Omega 3 in the form of ALA. ALA becomes more active in the body when magnesium rich foods such as kale, almonds and wild greens are added, while avoiding hydrogenated fat (margarine) and foods high in sugar. Omega 3s lower inflammation in the body, assist the nervous system and brain function, boost immunity and improve blood sugar levels. These seeds also reduce gut inflammation and promote gut healing.
2. Taste: Your smoothie should incorporate the right amount of sweetness.

3. Satiety: We use fat and protein sources for this such as plant based proteins (hemp, rice, pea) or nuts and seeds.

4. Nutrition: Your smoothie can be your nutrition power house for the day. Fruits such as berries provide anti-inflammatory and anti-aging antioxidants and phytonutrients. Protein builds muscle and aids body reactions and detoxification, and greens such as kale or dandelion provide important vitamins and minerals.

As you advance on your smoothie quest you can start to add super foods such as Maca which balance hormones in men and women and algaes such as spirulina, which provides more iron and B-vitamins for better oxygen supply and energy.

The secret to success is to start with the tastiest smoothie, such as mango, banana and coconut water. Then add one spinach leaf. The next day add 2. In a few weeks you might want to exchange the spinach for a small leaf of kale and the mango for blueberries. You might want to start adding a small amount of chia and just a sprinkle of spirulina. By gradually adding more and more of the greens your taste buds will start to change and you will WANT to eat more nutritious and balancing foods ~ that is the key!

I’ll be giving you some more of what I have found to be my favourite superfood ingredients in subsequent articles!