How to Handle Negative Emotions using the Vitalic Method

Many people right now are feeling a sense of lack within themselves. Thoughts of unworthiness, frustration, stress and negativity swamp our minds as we go about our day, leaving us with a deep sense that something is missing from life. A feeling that maybe things aren’t supposed to be this way. A hunch that something just isn’t right. We try to maintain our health by doing exercise and eating right, but still we don’t feel totally content. The reason for this is that there is a vital component to health, which is often overlooked. That vital component is the mind and emotions. At Vitalic Nutrition we recognise the importance of right food, right activity and also RIGHT MIND, which is why we have developed the Vitalic Method to help people to achieve a state of total well-being.

Most of us are taught from a very young age that something is ‘wrong’ if we are feeling negative emotions. You may remember your parents saying things like “don’t be a baby,” “pull yourself together” or “stop playing up” at the first sign of you showing sadness, fear or anger. As a result, society has developed a core belief that we should be happy all the time, and if we aren’t, something is wrong with us.

After being conditioned by the core belief that negative emotions are ‘wrong,’ we devise and learn techniques of how to avoid feeling these emotions. Many of us have numbed ourselves from the pain so much to the extent that we are no longer able to feel. We have metal shields blocking our hearts, walls erected all around us, protection systems in place, and inside of us a deep, lonely longing to feel love.

There are many different techniques that people use to avoid feeling negative emotions, but these are three of the most common.

1. Escape the emotion ~
This involves distracting ourself from the negative emotion to avoid feeling it. This is commonly done by comfort eating. How often when you were an upset child did your parents hand you a cookie to cheer you up? That learnt behaviour continues into adulthood and the moment we feel discomfort we reach for the ice-cream tub or a chocolate bar. Other common distractions include smoking, drugs and drinking alcohol. These things may provide a temporary escape from the uncomfortable feeling a negative emotion brings about within us, but the emotion goes unhealed and gets pushed down inside of us, where it festers and grows, damaging our vital physical organs and waiting to jump out again at any given moment and all the while our body is weakened by the side-effects of the addictive, unhealthy soother of choice.

2. Project the emotion ~
This involves blaming others for the negative emotion we feel. It stems from the belief that we are not responsible for our own emotions. We believe that other people around us cause our pain and we are helpless victims with no control over the situation. Typical responses include shouting at loved ones, arguing, name-calling and ego battles.

3. React from the emotion ~
This involves taking action based on the negativity we are feeling. It could mean making rash decisions, and usually involves saying or doing something that we later regret. It could also mean lashing out physically and causing damage.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to handling negative emotions and all it takes is a little practice. No longer do we need to escape, project or react. We can choose a different way. A more loving way.

Firstly, know that every emotion is valid. If you feel a negative emotion, it is happening for a reason and it needs to be acknowledged. If it is ignored, it will fester, be pushed down inside and later manifest as illness. Our emotions act like an inner GPS system. They are there to guide and help us, and our job is to listen.

The key to healing negative emotion is to become aware of your emotions and the sensations they bring about within your body. This requires a certain amount of awareness, and it takes a little practice but it’s well worth the effort. With this technique you can improve relationships, health and your own level of happiness. But don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself and let us know how you get on. We love hearing feedback from you!

It’s also important to remember that this isn’t just a one-time quick fix. It requires dedication, courage and patience. If you recognise that you’ve fallen into one of your old behaviour patterns, don’t give up, forgive yourself and remind yourself that you’re doing your best and start again.


1. When you recognise that you are feeling a negative emotion, such as anger, sadness or frustration, acknowledge it. Allow it. Create space for it. Breathe. Welcome it. This is a chance to heal a wound instead of trying to run from it.

2. Lie or sit down if possible. Feel the emotion. What does it feel like? Where is it in your body? Is it in your heart? Your throat? Your chest? Focus all your attention on the feeling. It may not be a pleasant sensation but stay with it and notice what happens. Keep breathing, allowing your breath to flow into the area of your body where the unpleasant sensation is located.

3. Tell yourself that it’s ok to feel this way. Talk to yourself as you would with your best friend. Ask questions, for example how do you feel? Why do you feel like that? Try to understand the core belief rooted at the feeling. It is always a belief based on fear. What is it that you’re scared of? If your ego comes up with negative responses, for example ‘I’m worthless,’ ‘I’m stupid,’ ‘I don’t deserve xxx,’ take control of the situation and disagree. Tell it ‘thank you for your opinion but that is not true. I am confident, I am loving, I am in control, I am deserving.’

With the Vitalic Method you can break old, unhealthy behavioural patterns. The easy option is to reach for the cookie jar or turn on the tv, avoid the emotion or lash out, but you know that in the long run you are only harming yourself with those things.

You are so powerful that you can create your own sense of well-being. Your happiness doesn’t depend on the behaviour of others, and we can’t change them. We can only change how we respond to situations. And the most magical thing of all is that, when you start using this technique, you will find that those negative situations and negative people appear less and less in your life, and you will start to attract loving, peaceful situations and people that respect and admire you. But as I said before, don’t just take my word for it, give it a try!


Emotional and mental imbalances can and often are caused by physiological imbalances, for instance, if the liver is overworked or stagnant you can feel lots of anger, if the kidney isn’t functioning properly you can feel lots of fear and anxiety. These emotions can in turn also cause the corresponding organ to become imbalanced, in a kind of chicken and egg scenario. This is where naturopathic nutritional therapy can and has brought amazing results. The energy pathways in the body need to be cleared by the correct function of our body.

Hunyuan Qi Gong and Reconnective Healing also help to clear blocked energy channels and have the result of freeing energy to circulate around the body as it should, bringing our mental, bodily and emotional state back into harmony which in turn brings relief, peace and wellbeing.

Our Well-Being Retreat goes into further detail on how to acheive balance using the vitalic method and allows you to experience the power of these techniques first hand.

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