We carefully design a variety of retreats from ‘Well-Being‘ to ‘Detox‘ each located in carefully chosen spaces of natural beauty and energy.

Above expectations!

I knew Louise for some time via the internet and that’s why I saw the Facebook page of Vitalic Nutrition. For some years I have changed a lot and that’s why I want to change a lot of things in my life. Living a healthy life is important part of changes and of course eating the right food is big part of living a healthy life. Also doing healthy exercises like yoga is something I like doing lately. /

It felt like a four day long meditation, because we were all relaxed and because we were together as a group of like-minded people.

Louis and Louise told us they didn’t just want to give us a perfect retreat and after the retreat we would fall back into the same patterns, but they wanted us to teach us things and to integrate those things in our daily lives. I have learned a lot to change things for the better in my life.

I also had a Reconnective Healing from Louise and I had never experienced one before. She is very good at it and it also made me feel very relaxed.

I think more and more people in the world are a bit tired of the old way of living in the chaotic world and so the retreat is a good way to experience a different way of living.

In the end it’s all about being who we really are and ‘reaching’ something we were born with: Our Natural State! Martijn, The Netherlands

I feel so much charged with all the lovely food in this beautiful surrounding. You did really pamper us all and we go home now with much vitality and force! Thanks Louise and Louis : ) Henriette, Germany


Well-being Retreat

Join us in the Italian Alps to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Enjoy organic, nutrient dense and life energy filled foods, take part in vitality enhancing activities and learn about ways to increase your longevity and well-being the Vitalic Nutrition way! 12th – 16th September, 2014

*Vitalic Nutrition, including all its employees, accepts no responsibility for psychological, spiritual, physical or
metaphysical effects, considered either negative or positive, to individuals who undergo any of our treatments or take part
in our retreats.*

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