Well-being Retreat September, 2015

Escape with us to a place of harmony and balance where you can nourish your body and mind and learn skills that will stay with you for life, enabling you to cope better under stress and live a healthier life with more vitality and joy.

Join us for an unforgettable 5 days immersed in relaxation, tranquillity and fun in the paradise of the Italian Alps. Surrounded by breath-taking mountain views, exchange the stresses of work and everyday life for serenity and relaxation to rediscover your true self, while we share with you a combination of ancient and cutting edge knowledge on nutrition, health and longevity. Our ‘Well-being Retreat’ has been specifically designed to re-balance and re-vitalise your body, mind and spirit whilst building internal energy and power. We use a combination of gentle vitalising exercises alongside a delicious and colourfully tailored meal plan so you will leave feeling not only rested but also stronger, fitter, healthier, and more alive without the strenuous effort of harsh exercise or strict eating regimes! Enjoy spectacular scenery, tranquillity and fresh air while exploring the surrounding areas of natural beauty including the local ‘natural pyramids.’ Take part in as many or as few of our activities as you wish, although we do recommend taking part in as many activities as you can to enable you to gain the maximum benefit from this retreat.

PRICE INCLUDES:All experiences and full-board accommodation. Prices start from £480 pp

(Prices do not include transportation or drinks.)

For pricing details and to book please see accommodation section.


Hunyuan Taiji, Qi Gong and Yoga

A relaxing and enjoyable movement method

Which improves blood flow, balance, fitness and muscle tone without strenuous effort. Relaxation is the method and result of Hunyuan Taichi and yoga and it will leave you feeling relaxed but also strongalert and re-vitalised!


Meditation will be the result of the Taichi and Qi gong,

Reconnective Healing, Vibrant food and Reiki, and will be part of the programme. Meditation is relaxing into ones true self where we find deep healing, both in the body and mind. It is an effortless, timeless state where we can be the masters of ourselves and our relative existence. The more we enter this state the more habitual it becomes.

Reconnective healing

Reconnective Healing, a cutting edge, transformational healing technique

that transforms our bodies, hearts, minds and souls and restores balance and harmony in our lives.


Reiki a super-relaxing natural, ancient, holistic healing modality

which can help to improve a range of medical problems and enhance well-being.

Vitalic Food

Wonderful, nutritious and vitalising meals

especially designed to enhance wellbeing, intuition and balance without harsh detoxification effects.

Upon arrival at this beautiful mountainous setting, where the air and water are fresh and full of life force, we will begin by practicing gentle Qi Gong exercises followed by some gentle yoga and ending with a beautiful, natural meditation. We will then be ready for another round (or breakfast, as you wish!) where the movement becomes a little more dynamic and will again naturally lead on to another meditation.

You will most likely, even on the first day already start to experience the stillness and reality of the nature around you. Our programme is carefully designed using ancient Vedic and Taoist techniques which our teacher has direct transmission from his master to teach. We will direct you towards an intimate experience of your true self, your ultimate reality in a gentle, systematic and easy manner. After all, being and experiencing your self should be the easiest and most natural thing in the world, right? The result is bliss and fulfilment beyond what you may have thought you could experience, because this is actually your true nature. It is incredibly healing, on all levels. Previous course participants have told us that the course was ‘life changing’ and they have left taking away what they have learned and are applying it naturally and improving every aspect of their lives. After the programme, we encourage a gentle walk by the river or through the trees to deepen and ingrain this experience, allowing it to heal our nervous systems and bodies and revitalise our souls!


  • A systematic de-stressing protocol that will have a deep healing and re-vitalising effect on your physiology that will last long after the course ends.
  • Ancient and refined techniques that will naturally and easily help you to experience bliss, fulfilment and an energised peace, which is in fact your true nature!
  • Authentic and powerful Qi Gong and meditation practices that re-vitalise, rest and strengthen the mind and body. These practices are majorly enhanced by the geographical power spot of the villa and Qi enhancing foods and drinks that we provide.
  • Development of your in-tuition that is your most perfect teacher and master and knows exactly what is best for you at any given moment. We will teach you how to hear this inner prompting that is available to everyone.
  • Body and mind integration, start to realise your potential and what it actually means to be human being, what you are capable of
  • Nutritious and revitalising foods and smoothies designed by us!
  • Qi Gong by the beautiful glacier river!

Lunch is lovingly prepared by our in-house Italian chef. We have worked closely with the chef to tailor a special menu based on a whole-foods and vegetarian diet plan, which combines vitamin and mineral dense vitalic foods in a specific way which allows maximum absorption and release of nutrients in the body.

The afternoon will be a time for relaxing, reflecting and enjoying the beautiful villa and its surroundings. We will then begin another round of Qi Gong and meditation before having a freshly prepared nutritious dinner.

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to book private one-on-one Reconnective Healing and Reiki sessions to suit you.

In the evening we can hang out on the wonderful terrace, watching the stars whilst we talk about the real benefits of the foods we have eaten that day, alongside the programme and the whole retreat in general. We will explain how you can implement different facets of the ‘Vitalic Three Principles’ into your daily life and take away with you what you have learned on the ‘Wellbeing Retreat’, applying it practically in your lives!



*Vitalic Nutrition, including all its employees, accepts no responsibility for psychological, spiritual, physical or
metaphysical effects, considered either negative or positive, to individuals who undergo any of our treatments or take part
in our retreats.*

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