Sea-buckthorn and macademia nuts aids weightloss

Health Benefits Checklist:

  • Weight-loss

  • Suppresses fat production and accumulation

  • Reduce risk of type-II diabetes

  • Anti-ageing of the skin

  • Anti-inflammatory (joint support)

  • Improved Immune health

  • Balances cholesterol levels

Sea-buckthorn is an amazing superfood and is being made famous as an aid to weight-loss that was demonstrated by an experiment involving mice. The two mice were fed the same diet but only one of them sea-buckthorn. The mouse on the sea-buckthorn remained trim whilst the other mouse became clinically obese! Scientists believe this is because of the rare omega-7 essential fatty acid and other factors which signal the brain store less fat in the body. It seems to lower blood glucose levels and so works great in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes type-II.

Another great thing about Sea-buckthorn is that it may help in cases of dry mucous membranes in the body such as eyes and more delicate areas.

Sea-buckthorn berry oil contains the highest amount of omega-7

Another source of Omega 7 is macademia nuts, so now we have an excuse to eat these delicious fatty snacks which make great creamy sauces and sweet creams when blended with a little water, great for vegans!

Try taking 500mg of sea buckthorn berry capsules daily.