Hunyuan Taiji and Qi Gong Therapy

Hunyuan taiji is a combination of Chen style Taiji Quan and Hsing-I. The founder, ‘Feng Zhi Qiang’ was a disciple of both the renowned Chen style master ‘Chen Fa Ke’ and the Hsing-I and Qi Gong master ‘ Hu Yaozen’. Hu Yaozen was a Qi Gong master of the highest level in China and was nicknamed ‘One finger Hu’ as he often defeated his opponents using only one finger. Chen Fa Ke was also an incredibly powerful fighter, and was very weak and ill as a child, so much so that his family were not sure if he would survive until adulthood. His practice of Chen style Taiji however made him very strong in constitution and he became incredibly powerful and full of vital energy (Qi).

Feng Zhi Qiang added many Qi Gong elements into the Chen style form, forming Hunyuan Taiji which is incredibly good for health, wellbeing and vitality along with being a powerful form of self defence. Hunyuan means ‘Many circles’ or ‘Mixed circles’ and uses the same force that governs the orbits of planets around the sun or electrons around the nucleus. We use this force in out taiji, which results in a tremendous feeling of power and strength that is not muscular and effects everything in our daily lives from our movement to sleep. The style of Hunyuan Taiji I have been taught from my master is very practical and the emphasis is on imitation of movement rather than reading about theories. It is the correct movement that stimulates the Qi and circulates it around the body. It is about ‘the way you move’ and intention rather than the movement itself.

I also practiced the taiji style of ‘Chen Man Ching’ (which is derived from the ‘Yang’ style) for four years previous to learning Hunyuan Taiji. It is an incredibly relaxing and meditative form of taiji and great for beginners who have not had experience in martial arts or any kind of taiji.

Taiji is life. It can help us return and discover or original nature. It can give us health and help bring our physiology, emotions and minds back into balance.

Hunyuan taiji is an awesome method of gaining fitness, mental clarity, life force and vitality without strenuous heart stressing physical exercise. It has been shown to aid many disorders and specific Qi Gong exercises will benefit different ailments and different bodily organs. On the initial consultation, I will show you a few exercises tailored to your needs after a thorough case study. Follow up appointments can be made and are recommended for a deeper understanding of the movements and their effects, and will incorporate changes or additions to the programme according to your needs.

Consultations can be given via skype or in person. If you would like a consultation, please contact us, or you can experience the depth of this art on one of our retreats.

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