Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing is a holistic, ‘hands off the body’, all inclusive spectrum of higher vibrational healing frequencies that includes and yet expands beyond any other form of energy healing. It has been demonstrated clearly in practice, as well as in science laboratories.

In fact, the researchers and scientists studying this work qualify it as a comprehensive healing modality of energy, light and information which allows healings that are not just physical, not just emotional, not just mental, but includes the evolution of our very being.

“If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re REALLY lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one that The Universe specifically has in mind for you.” Dr. Eric Pearl, The Reconnection Founder

Reconnective Healing® has been demonstrated clearly in practice as well as in research projects and is supported by the latest theories on nuclear and quantum physics. Dr Pearl has worked closely with prominent researchers, such as Dr Gary Schwartz and Dr Linda Russek from the Department of Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona. Dr Deepak Chopra, a powerful leader in the field of mind/body medicine, and expert on Quantum Field Theory, invited Dr Pearl to the Chopra Center for Well Being in La Jolla, for research. He stated publicly that Reconnective Healing was both authentic and powerful.

What happens during a session?

The session lasts approximately 1 hour in total, including a short pre and post consultation.

You will remain fully clothed, shoes off, lying face up on a massage table. This position is really only because we tend to be the most relaxed, open and receptive this way. However, if this position is uncomfortable for you, any position that’s comfortable for you is fine. You will be asked to close your eyes so that you can experience the session without distraction. You will not be required to give any medical history or even discuss any problems you have.

I’m not a doctor, therefore I don’t diagnose or give medical advice. Nor do I ‘direct’ the healing frequencies to any particular issue you may have. Reconnective healing seems to have an Intelligence of its own that knows exactly what each person needs most at this time in their life. Neither you nor I get to decide what’s best for you. I am simply more like an ‘antenna’, and you’re the ‘receiver’. All you have to do is allow and trust that the healing that is most appropriate for you is what you will receive.

Sessions take place at my apartment in Amsterdam.


How does distance healing work?

Distance Healing can bring about the same results as a face to face session. The distance does not matter, nor does it diminish any effects. Everything in the universe is connected. We work with energy, light and information, which means that a healing session can take place whether you are across a room, or across the other side of the world. The Reconnective Healing frequencies are not constrained by our limiting concept of space or distance. Trust me, I know how ‘out there’ it sounds, and it took some getting used to it myself. You do not have to believe in the process for it to work, you just need to have the willingness to experience it. Distance healing is a great option for people that are not able to travel to see me in person, for children, pets, or for people that are in hospital. Distance healing can be given with or without the recipient’s knowledge.

During the session, it is best for you to either lie down on a bed or sit in a comfortable chair. Then just close your eyes and relax. Let go of any expectations of specific outcomes, and just be open to receiving whatever comes to you. It is best not to actively pray, meditate, visualise energy or try to direct the session, as this can cause interference. Trust that you will receive what is right for you at this point in time.

Consultations can be one to one, or via Skype (distance healing). If you would like a consultation, please contact us.

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Disclaimer: Louise Entwistle and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to The Reconnection®, 
Eric Pearl and Reconnective Healing®, make no claims, promises or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific 
health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care.
*Vitalic Nutrition, including all its employees, accepts no responsibility for psychological, spiritual, physical or
metaphysical effects, considered either negative or positive, to individuals who undergo any of our treatments or take part
in our retreats.*

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